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Membership in OPBC

The following is taken from current By-law wording:

Fee Schedule for Membership


There shall be the following membership categories. Application must be accompanied with the appropriate payment for the category to be considered. Such application shall be posted for a period of not less than ten (10) days on the Clubhouse notice board prior to consideration by the Board of Directors.

Social Member is a member who shall be entitled to participate in all the membership privileges, with the exception of maintaining a boat, or regularly skippering a boat docked on club property, or voting at any Club meeting. Social membership can be single or family (which will also include any of their unmarried children up to the age of majority).

Business Member is a membership that is held on behalf of a company. Three employees designated from time to time by the owner or president of the business shall be entitled to participate in all membership privileges afforded a Social Member and is also eligible to rent the clubhouse once per year with no rental fee being applied.

HONOURARY LIFE MEMBER is a member with 25 years of continuous membership in the club, who, in recognition of conspicuous and honourable service rendered to the club has been elected an Honourary Member for life by a (2/3) two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors and upon such election shall enjoy all privileges of the club without payment of membership fees. Active and past active members will retain voting rights.

HONOURARY MEMBER is a person who, for special services rendered to the club or distinction in community affairs, has been elected as such by a (2/3) two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors present at a regular meeting or a meeting specially called for this purpose or at the Annual Meeting of the Club. The duration of such membership, which will afford the full privileges of the Club, except voting or maintaining a boat on Club premises, in such branches of activity as may be determined by resolution, without payment of fees, shall be at the pleasure of the Board of Directors who may terminate it at any time.

ACTIVE MEMBER is a member who has obtained age of majority and has unqualified membership privileges subject to the restrictions imposed by the regulations of this Club and shall be eligible to apply for space to maintain one boat on the Club property.

Maximum size boat acceptable for membership will be 60 feet overall including Bow Pulpit and Swim Platform.

Both applications are in .pdf format.

Fee Schedule for Membership
Business Application
Membership Application For a Membership Application, Print it out, fill it in and take it to the club.
Docking Application If you wish to become a Boating Member, also print out and fill in the Docking Application.