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The Seventies

The construction of a 4,750 square-foot shower building was approved in 1970 at the new facilities continue to grow.

following details in your Christmas lights tour OPB see hosted 188 senior citizens for refreshments and a visit with Santa.

The spring and summer of 1972 proved somewhat of an aggravation to members dock in the lagoon when I construction company was hired by the town to sand blast the Rebecca Street bridge. Dirt from the operation penetrated covers on the boats resulting in threats of lawsuit if the operation was not halted. The problems were listed in the letter from the club member John Luke as (a) paint and byproducts in the water which coagulate attach themselves to waterlines a boat holds, and debris and discolour hull paint (b) airborne abrasive sandblasting sand which to send on the fresh paint and varnish of the cars in the parking lot; (c) Airborne paint as above particularly great. The letter went on to say "future problems will result during the coming months when the bridges further sandblasted and sprayed with hot zinc". The letter contained a lot more information and was forwarded to the Scarborough contractor by Phillips Planning and Engineering Limited stating "I have heard that some repainting of private property has been done for the owners by your firm on this job as a result of accidental contamination, and that the owners were probably satisfied. However because of the time consuming complaints which involve others and the apprehension expressed by boat owners and others in the near vicinity of your work, we are requesting you take for the precautions as specified in your contract".

There are some questions in the summer of 1973 regarding fuel pollution emanating from OPBC's gas facilities. Commodore PW Farr wrote the Oakville Harbour Advisory Board informing them that the town of Oakville would be absolved of any responsibility in such an event and that Imperial Oil would be responsible if informed immediately by the club.

Copy of "Mainsheet" the newsletter of Canadian Power Squadron raised the ire of OPBC Commodore Ted Lewis late in 1975. It prompted Lewis to write a scathing letter to Power Squadron commander Peter Draycott over remarks in the newsletters final paragraph.

The third annual Lamb's Treasure Hunt, a scavenger hunt in Lake Ontario proved to be a big enough event to attract the attention of the Toronto Star which featured a large photo of participants Lynn Grassick, then 15 Michelle Beetles 11, Brett Beetles 9, and Brent Kapustuk 13, of OPBC. The event involved about 100 boats from both sides of the border with a treasure trove of 1200 silver dollars at the end of 6 mile scavenging course.

The club celebrated its 25th anniversary with the gala dinner October 14 at the Knights of Columbus hall at a cost of $12.50 per person. Organizers invited members to browse through old photo albums of "the way we were "and special momentos were offered honoring the occasion. The following morning and anniversary brunch was held at the club.

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